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Couples Therapy

When challenges arise in a relationship, and you find yourself unsure of how to address them, it can lead to communication breakdowns and potentially result in an avoidable parting of the ways. We can help to prevent the situation from escalating, providing essential strategies to resolve issues effectively, cultivate love and deeper trust within your relationship. 

Couples Therapy Central London, Aylesbury and Great-Missenden
Couple Therapists Based in Central London, Aylesbury & Great Missenden

Helping relationships thrive

Engaging in joint therapy can guide you through challenges in your relationship, allowing it to thrive in ways you may not have experienced before.

If you are in a romantic relationship and find yourself growing distant from your partner. Various factors such as life circumstances, work obligations, family commitments, and even the influence of social media and smartphone usage may be impacting your relationship. These challenges can be exacerbated when a couple chooses to cohabit, marry, or have children, as these choices bring additional demands that inevitably affect the relationship.

Even if your relationship has lost its intimacy or you’re experiencing increased conflicts, it doesn’t necessarily signal the end or render it unworthy of saving. It’s essential to recall that you chose your partner for a reason. Relationship decisions are among the most significant choices we make, requiring time and effort to build.

We can help you to effectively address arguing, conflicts, and other unhealthy relationship dynamics. We can assist in navigating a loss of sexual contact or intimacy within the relationship. We can support you to work through acute crises or unexpected conflicts. And if you are contemplating the end of your relationship, we can help you part on the best terms possible.

For those in familial or other significant platonic relationships, participating in joint therapy offers the opportunity to gain insight into and mend difficulties within those relationships too. It serves to confront and transform harmful generational patterns, fostering an environment for understanding and healing.

Through this therapeutic process, you can discover how to effectively communicate your emotional truth, establish healthy boundaries, and cultivate a sense of entitlement to emotional support. The goal is to not only address existing challenges but also equip you with the skills needed to be acknowledged, respected, and emotionally supported in all your relationships.

therapy can be delivered in person or online
Couples Therapist Central London, Aylesbury and Great-Missenden
Why Choose us

We collaborate with you to:

Implement simple strategies

Implement simple strategies to reduce or avoid conflict and establish deeper trust and understanding.

Learn your partner’s communication style

Learn your partner’s communication style and what they are really saying.

Recover and rebuild trust

Understand ways to recover, rebuild trust or move on from affairs in marriage or a cheating partner.

Build a future together

Discover simple ways to re-ignite fun, sexual passion, laughter and build a positive future together.

Our approach is based on Cognitive-Behavioural Couples Therapy (CBCT) which:

Focuses on identifying and changing dysfunctional thought patterns and behaviours that contribute to relationship problems.

Helps couples recognize and challenge negative thought patterns, develop effective communication skills, and modify behaviours that contribute to relationship distress. It often includes homework assignments to practice new skills outside of therapy sessions.

Is evidence-based as CBCT has a substantial body of research supporting its efficacy in treating various relationship issues. It has been found to be effective in improving communication, problem-solving, and overall relationship satisfaction.

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