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Individual Therapy

At Touchstone Psychotherapies, we provide tailored support to individuals for stress, loss, and mental health challenges. Our therapists are dedicated to helping you overcome personal obstacles and improve your well-being through focused, one-on-one sessions.

Individual Therapy in Central London, Aylesbury and Great Missenden

Individual Therapists Based in Central London, Aylesbury & Great Missenden

Therapy to foster postive change

Our approach is tailored to individuals. So, if you are contending with intense or prolonged stress stemming from work, family dynamics, the loss of a loved one, or challenges in relationships, we are here for you.

Alternatively, are you grappling with unexplained symptoms like alterations in sleep or appetite, decreased energy levels, diminished interest or enjoyment in once-pleasurable activities, persistent irritability, excessive worry, or an enduring sense of discouragement or hopelessness?

Whether you suspect you may have a mental health disorder affecting your daily life or have already received a diagnosis, or if you are providing support to a family member or child facing mental health challenges, we are here to support you.

Even if medication has alleviated symptoms, we can still assist you in tackling specific issues such as counterproductive thought patterns, irrational fears, challenges in interpersonal relationships, or difficulties in coping with situations at home, school, or work.

Engaging in weekly one-on-one sessions, our goal is to help you recognize and challenge automatic, potentially harmful thought patterns, such as underestimating your abilities. Together, we explore ways to question these thoughts, understand their impact on your emotions and behaviour, and foster positive changes.

therapy can be delivered in person or online
Individual Therapist Central London, Aylesbury and Great Missenden
Why Choose us

We collaborate with you to:

Identify stress-coping mechanisms

Identify effective stress-coping mechanisms and develop targeted problem-solving strategies.

Evaluate interpersonal interactions

Evaluate your interpersonal interactions, enhancing social and communication skills.

Integrate mindfulness

Integrate mindfulness and relaxation techniques, including meditation and breathing exercises.

Address anxiety disorders

Utilize exposure therapy, a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), to address anxiety disorders. This involves gradually confronting distressing items, ideas, or imagined scenarios in a supportive environment, allowing the associated fear to diminish over time.

Our approach includes:

Monitoring emotions and behaviours to heighten awareness of their reciprocal influence.

Providing supportive counselling to explore challenging issues and offer emotional assistance.

Formulating a safety plan to address thoughts of self-harm or suicide, recognising warning signs, and employing coping strategies, such as reaching out to friends, family, or emergency services.

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We have therapists based in Central London, Aylesbury and Great Missenden, we can also deliver therapy online.  Fill out our request for a therapist consultation form and one of our team will contact you to discuss your therapy.